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Songs That Sample “Good Times” by Chic

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In 1979, the disco/funk outfit Chic released an album called Risqué. The first track on the album was called "Good Times" and the song was the band's second #1 hit in America. It was also voted the 224th best song of all time by Rolling Stone magazine.

But even more impressive is how influential the song has become in the hip-hop community, and how it continues to inspire and be sampled for new musical creations.

The funky groove this 8 minute track delivers, and the vocal-free breaks it contains, made it perfect for sampling. This playlist kicks off with the original version of "Good Times" and is followed by 10 songs that sample the original. "Good Times" is one of the most sampled songs in history, so this list only scratches the surface. Add your favorites to the comments.

The Playlist:

1. Good Times - Chic

2. Rapper's Delight - The Sugarhill Gang

3. Everything's Gonna Be Alright - Father MC

4. The Adventures Of Grandmaster Flash On The Wheels Of Steel - The Furious Five

5. Triple Trouble - Beastie Boys

6. Doowutchyalike - Digital Underground 

7. 8th Wonder - The Sugarhill Gang

8. The Reverend - DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince 

9. Just The Two Of Us - Chubb Rock

10. 13 And Good - Boogie Down Productions

11. Monster Jam (LP Version) - The Sugarhill Gang 

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