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The speed of light equals 186,282 miles per second, or 299,792,458 meters per second. That's pretty fast. A light year is the distance it takes light to travel in a full year, or 5.879 trillion miles. That's a pretty large distance by human standards, but insignificant by the standards of the universe.

There has been a lot of news lately about to the speed of light. The work of Albert Einstein says that nothing can travel faster than light, it's our cosmic speed limit so to speak. But a recent experiment, originated in Geneva, clocked neutrinos traveling faster than the speed of light. This has physicists scrambling to confirm, or debunk the experiment. If true, it would throw much of what we know about the universe in the trash. Some say it may even open up the possibility of time travel one day.

If we could build a spaceship that can travel faster than the speed of light, what would we use for headlights?

This playlist includes 13 "faster than the speed of light" songs, what would you add?

Speed Of Light Songs

1. Speed Of Light - Teenage Fanclub

2. Speed Of Light - Joseph Arthur

3. Speed Of Light - The Neville Brothers

4. Light Speed - Dr. Dre

5. Speed Of Light (Page 102) - Kid Koala

6. Speed of Light - That Petrol Emotion

7. Lightspeed - Twin Atlantic

8. When You're Traveling at the Speed of Light - These United States

9. Speed Of Light - Joe Satriani

10. Speed Of Light - Queensryche

11. Speed Of Light - Stratovarius

12. 299 792 458 M / S - Cybiont

13. 186,282 mps - O.C.D. Circus

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