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We would not exist if it were not for supernovae -- massive explosions that happen at the end of a star's life.

A star is born when its core becomes dense and hot enough to start fusing hydrogen, and when two hydrogen molecules are fused together, they form a helium molecule. This process gives out energy in the form of light and heat. This is fusion. The process continues, with each switch to a new fuel creating heavier and heavier elements. The final straw is when iron starts to be created at a very large star's core. At this point it will become unstable and explode. During the explosion even heavier elements are created, like gold, silver and platinum. All the elemental matter that was created during this process is flung out into the universe where it settles and forms into other stars, planets and moons.

So, elements that make life possible here on planet Earth came from an exploding star -- a supernova.

With this frame of reference, it's no surprise that supernovae have been a popular subject in song. They represent power and mystery, and are a necessary component for life itself.

This playlist includes 12 songs that use the word "supernova" in the song title, what would you add?

Supernova Songs

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