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Sushi Songs

When people ask me what my favorite food is I usually say Italian. I love everything about Italian food, but lately I think Japanese food may be moving in as my personal favorite. And sushi is a big reason why. Sushi really is the perfect food. It's extremely healthy, tastes great and is presented as bite size works of art. I've worked hard to develop the perfect wasabi/soy sauce ratio, and the ritual is something I really enjoy. Many people have never tried sushi because all they can think about is raw fish. And while some great sushi does include raw fish, there are plenty of other options. Sushi that includes eel, crab, or shrimp comes cooked, and there are plenty of vegetarian options that include no fish at all - cucumber rolls, avocado rolls, spinach rolls and cream cheese rolls come to mind. So don't ever decline an invitation to a sushi bar because you can't stand the thought of raw fish. 

I've eaten way too much sushi lately, so in honor of one of my favorite foods I 've put together this playlist of songs that mention sushi somewhere in the lyrics.

Sushi Songs

1. (Always Be My) Sunshine - Jay-Z

2. Last To Know - Pink

3. City Boy Blues - Motley Crue

4. Raw Breed - Das EFX

5. Sushi Girl - The Tubes

6. Lips Like Yours - Mindy McCready

7. Nuttin' But Love - Heavy D & the Boyz

8. Sushi Bar - C B Luce

9. Sushi Girl - Johnny Love Sound

10. Mido Was a Sushi Chef - Phillip Eno

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