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The Best Albums of 2007: #51 to #60

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Wecontinue with the fifth installment of our top 100 albums of 2007 year endlist.

60.  SuperTaranta! by Gogol Bordello
Gogol Bordello continued in2007 with their gypsy punk cabaret show, and despite what Pitchfork says,they have given us another reason to love them in Super Taranta! This ismaximum energy music that you either "get" or "don't get".And if you don't get it, try again. 

59.  Andorra by Caribou
The changes in tone, melody and arrangement on Andorra all fit within theconfines of the mood Dan Snaith defines on this relatively short 9 track disc.It'll work equally well in the context of a chic uptown penthouse party, oraround the campfire in the middle of the woods. But the most impressive thingabout Andorrais how perfectly it balances pop sensibility with a willingness to stretchthe boundaries into the realm of art.

58. HissingFauna, Are You The Destroyer? by Of Montreal 
There was a tremendous amount of critical buzz around this album in 2007. Iloved the band's last full-length, 2005's The Sunlandic Twins, but HissingFauna... exceeded even this exceptional effort. The subject of love scornedis new for Of Montreal, but here the band keeps theinspiration fuzzy, and it's distance enables the band to utilizeit's power to maximum effect. 

57. We'll NeverTurn Back by Mavis Staples
There is no voice in anygenre working today that can move like Mavis Staples, and she continues awhite-hot streak of perfect releases with We'll Never Turn Back. She hasofficially moved from wise musical legend to living oracle. Her completecomfort with her immense talent is hard to beat, and I'm not sure how she couldpossibly raise the bar any higher than she has.

56.  It's Not Big, It'sLarge by Lyle Lovett & His Large Band
Lyle Lovett & His LargeBand deliver big horns, gospel singers, and beautifully sparse country crooningall in one breath on their newest record. Lyle proves his ability to crossgenres with ease on It's Not Big... But style is irrelevant in thehands of Lovett. The strength of song and delivery he employs wouldcarry through if he chose thrash metal as his choice of genre.

55.  My Name IsBuddy by Ry Cooder
Although I still hold his 2005 concept album Chavez Ravine as afavorite, Ry Cooder delivers enough on My Name Is Buddy tomake number 55 on my top 100 list this year. The record is anotherconceptual work that follows a cat during the dust bowl era. The conceptwas kicked off by a mysterious doctored photo of a cat's head on the body ofLead Belly. This alone could win an honorable mention, but Ry Cooder takes itto the limit.

54.  Icky Thumpby The White Stripes
Jack White could have easily put The White Stripes on autopilot, or disbandedthe duo altogether after the success of his "real band" TheRaconteurs. But he did no such thing. Instead, he and Meg, who hassuffered some anxiety issueslately, instead gave us yet another year-end-list worthy album .

53. Wincing TheNight Away by The Shins
I was dumbfounded, and a little depressed, when I saw this new Shins albumfor the first time on the main new release shelf at Wal*Mart. Had indie musicreally come to this? Maybe so, but after hearing the record, who cares? It'swould be a great record whether it sells 10 or 10 million.

52. Because OfThe Times by Kings Of Leon
The third album by Kings OfLeon, Because Of The Times, scored them their first number one disc onthe UKalbum charts. They have been gradually improving with each release, but BecauseOf The Times is a watershed, a true defining moment for this band.

51. The Con byTegan & Sara
A case could be made that TheCon was the indie-kid album of summer 2007. Okay, maybe not, but the 5thalbum by this Canadian sister duo is, in my mind, their best and most refinedrecord to date. So much so that it's only one spot off of making my top 50albums for the year.

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