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The Best Albums of 2007: #61 to #70

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Wecontinue with the fourth installment of our top 100 albums of 2007 yearend list.

70.  NightFalls Over Kortedala by Jens Lekman
26-year old Swede JensLekman has released his second full-length in North America this year to much critical acclaim. It's a sensitive,abundantly orchestrated affair that fans will love. It falls softly somewherebetween Burt Bacharach and Beck, which makes it a big winner for me.

69.  The Sceneof the Crime by Bettye LaVette
2007 has given us some stunning soul recordings. The Scene of the Crimeby veteran Bettye LaVette is one of them. It's a smoldering masterpiece that'salso a storybook comeback for an exceptional talent who was swept underthe rug by major label bullshit. LaVette is backed by The Drive-By-Truckers onthis fine record, who do a superb job of supporting this singular voice withoutbringing attention to themselves.

68.  StrawberryJam by Animal Collective
Animal Collective have mastered the art of tightrope walking. Their newest,Strawberry Jam finds the band perfectly balanced between artsy,mind-expanding experimentation and appealing pop structure. It could be thatthey're fooling us all, but does it really matter? This record offers somethingnew to discover with each listen, and will keep me coming back throughout 2008and beyond.

67.   FantasticPlayroom by New Young Pony Club
It's true that I have a bigtender soft spot in my heart for 80s new wave. And although the aughtieshave given us our fair share of 80s revival, not many have reached the heightsof Fantastic Playroom by the London five piece New Young Pony Club. Thisrecord is a herky-jerky, candy-coated gift of love, wrapped in shiny tealparachute pants.

66.  Build A Nation by BadBrains
Get down on your knees and praise Jah for Bad Brains. I had their debut onthe cassette only ROIR label in the early 80s and although other influentialheroes of the period have passed (R.I.P.: Ramones, Clash), Bad Brains continue.And they don't just continue in order to pay the bills with clubdates, but with truly inspired songwriting and 100 MPH chops that areon par with some of their best . A true inspiration.

65.  Altitude byGroundtruther
The last installment of the Groundtruther trilogy, Altitude is a2-CD set that finds Charlie Hunter, Bobby Previte and John Medeski reaching forthe stars. Admittedly, this will fly above the heads of the masses, but if youenjoy a challenge Altitude is a must. It pulls out all the stops andstretches the boundaries further than anything you've heard in a while.

64.  Marry Me bySt. Vincent
Annie Clark has emerged from her stints as a back-up singer with ThePolyphonic Spree and Sufjan Stevens as a force to be reckoned with. Youcan hear the influence of her previous employers on Mary Me, but herKate Bush-like vocal style and original musical ideas stand firmly on their owntwo feet.

63.  Ear Drum byTalib Kweli
Talib Kweli new albums features cameos by a myriad of talents including KRS-One,UGK, Musiq Soulchild, Norah Jones, Raheem DeVaughn and many more. But thestar of the show on Ear Drum is Talib Kweli. This is his masterwork andone of the best hip-hop efforts of the year.

62.  Jarvisby Jarvis Cocker
Pulp front-man JarvisCocker delivers the goods with this solo effort simply titled Jarvis. The firstsingle "Don't Let Him Waste Your Time" is about as tasty as a British indie popsong can be. The record has numerous tracks that stand up to, or exceed thevery best of what he produced with Pulp, and that my friends, deserves a nod.

61.  Desire byPharoahe Monch
It's been a long 8 yearssince Pharoahe Monch's last proper full-length, but you'll forgive him for thewait when you hear the record. His rhyming skills can freeze you in yourtracks, but so can the production and soul-filled singing. Desire doesmore than get the job done, something so prevalent in today's :30 secondtelevision ad music culture.

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