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The Classic Metal Workout Playlist

I went through some serious metal phases in my teenage and young adulthood years. And although I don't follow the new metal coming out too closely anymore, I do still respect the genre and love to revisit it from time to time. I especially find myself reaching for metal when I workout. There's just something about the in-your-face, aggressive nature of heavy metal that gets you pumped up, keeps you focused, and helps you overcome the pain. It works equally well for a cardio or a free weight workout. Just put the headphones on, crank up an hour-long metal playlist and you've got no need for a personal trainer. I mean, if you were to give up with Slayer thundering in your ears...  well, that would be so totally un-metal.

This playlist includes 15 of my favorite classic metal workout tracks. What would you add?

The Classic Metal Workout Playlist 

   1. Electric Eye - Judas Priest   

   2. Ace Of Spades - Motorhead   

   3. The Trooper - Iron Maiden   

   4. Crazy Train - Ozzy Osbourne   

   5. Rainbow In The Dark - Dio   

   6. Paranoid - Black Sabbath   

   7. Live Wire - Motley Crue   

   8. Balls To The Wall - Accept   

   9. Raining Blood - Slayer   

   10. Walk - Pantera   

   11. Peace Sells - Megadeth   

   12. Battery - Metallica   

   13. Evil - Mercyful Fate   

   14. Blackout - Scorpions   

   15. Round And Round - Ratt  

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