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The Essential Vibraphone Playlist

Nothing sounds hipper than the distinct ringing notes of a vibraphone. The instrument goes with jazz like gin goes with tonic.

If you're not familiar, the vibraphone is much like a xylophone, but it has aluminum bars instead of wooden ones. These bars are struck with mallets producing an easily recognizable tone. Vibraphone players play with one mallet in each hand, but many can play with two mallets in each hand using a variety of grips. A good vibraphone player is mesmerizing to watch.

This playlist hones in on the most accomplished vibraphone players in jazz history. From the swing vibes of Lionel Hampton, to the cool jazz vibes of Milt Jackson, to the Afro-Cuban vibes of Cal Tjader, to the modern vibes of Gary Burton and much more. This collection makes for a fantastic listen, with all the songs tied together by the hip, resonant sound of the vibraphone.

This is the perfect companion for your next martini party or quiet romantic dinner.

The Essential Vibraphone Playlist

1. Flying Home - Lionel Hampton

2. Time And Tide - Red Norvo

3. Blue Bossa - Milt Jackson

4. Guarachi Guaro - Cal Tjader 

5. Whisper Not - Bobby Hutcherson

6.  Adelaide - Eddie Costa

7. Midnight Sun - Terry Gibbs 

8. Vikki - Dave Pike

9. Vibraphonissimo - Gary Burton

10. Meet The Flintstones/Merrily We Roll Along (Tag) - Emil Richards 

11. Battle Of The Vibes - Roy Ayers 

12. Wailing Dervish - Teddy Charles

13. Yeah - Dave Samuels

14. Cherokee - Peter Appleyard

15. It Ain't Necessarily So - Walt Dickerson 

16. Reverend Libra - Jay Hoggard

17. Yellow Bird - Arthur Lyman

18. Pow-Wow - Johnny Lytle Trios

19. Fidelius - Vic Feldman 

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