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The Plagiarism Game Volume #1

Listen to two songs and determine if one ripped off the other. Then read what the court decided.

Fantasy V. Fogerty

In 1994 John Fogerty was sued by Fantasy Records for the copyright infringement of a hit he penned titled "The Old Man Down the Road". The song he was accused of stealing was "Run Through the Jungle", a tune he wrote himself for his band Creedence Clearwater Revival. Unfortunately, John had sold the rights for much of CCR's music and was now being sued for stealing it! Ha! I love that! Anyway, the case is interesting as it went all the way to the Supreme Court on the question of whether attorney's fees could be awarded to the prevailing party in a copyright suit. Read about the lawsuit and the opinion by the late Chief Justice Rehnquist here.

1. Run Through The Jungle - Creedence Clearwater Revival 

2. The Old Man Down The Road - John Fogerty 

Swirsky V. Carey

In 2004 the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on the case of Swirsky V. Carey. The suit was brought by songwriter Seth Swirsky who wrote a song titled "One Of Those Love Songs" for the group Xscape, who released it on their album Traces of My Lipstick in 1998. The lawsuit claimed that the song was plagiarized by Mariah Carey for the song "Thank God I Found You" from her album Rainbow. Listen to the two songs and see if you can guess what the court's ruling was. Then read the judgment here.

1. One Of Those Love Songs - Xscape

2. Thank God I Found You - Joe 

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