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The Smells Like Fish Playlist

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Some time ago I read this article online about how scientists have discovered a genetic mutation that causes a rare disease, which makes those afflicted smell like rotten fish. Fish-odor syndrome (primary trimethylaminuria) is a bodily emission of trimethylamine (TMA). TMA is a byproduct in the breakdown of choline rich foods, such as fish, liver and eggs.

What a bummer disease.

Anyway, this story got me thinking about creating a playlst. Could I actually create a playlist of songs about "Smelling Like Fish"? Well, the answer is yes. The majority of the stinky fish songs I found are innuendo dealing with a certain part of the anatomy. And most of them are blues songs with the exception of "Rotten Fish" by Blowfly and "Seafood Taco" by Canned Hamm, which are.... well, just plain wrong.

If you're aware of any other fish-centric songs that fit this playlist please add them to the comments.

The Smells Like Fish Playlist

1. I Want Some Sea Food - Peetie Wheatstraw

2. No Fish For Me - Al Miller

3. Seafood Blues - Champion Jack Dupree

4. What's That Smells Like Fish - Blind Boy Fuller

5. Saturday Night Fish Fry - Louis Jordan

6. Fish Fryin' Mama - Drink Small

7. Something Fishy - Lonnie Johnson

8. The Fish - Big Mama Thornton 

9. Seafood Taco - Canned Hamm

10. Fish In Dirty Water - Koko Taylor

11. Rotten Fish - Blowfly 

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