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The Top Songs of the Year 2000

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The inauguration had me thinking today about the fact that, besides the waning few weeks of the Bill Clinton presidency, the new millennium has only known one American president, George W. Bush.

For those old enough to remember, the year 2000 was a huge year. After all, it's not a large percentage of human beings are able to see the turn of a new millennium. And most of us probably remember what we were doing on New Year's Eve 1999 vividly.

It's hard to believe that we are now in the final year of the aughties and that the Bush presidency is over tomorrow.  

In this playlist we revisit songs that hit the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the year 2000. It seems like these songs were hugely popular just yesterday, but it was over 8 years ago. 

Time flies when you're getting old!

The Top Songs of the Year 2000

   1. Smooth - Santana   

   2. What A Girl Wants - Christina Aguilera   

   3. I Knew I Loved You - Savage Garden   

   4. Thank God I Found You - Mariah Carey   

   5. Amazed - Lonestar   

   6. Say My Name - Destiny's Child   

   7. Maria Maria - Santana   

   8. Be With You - Enrique Iglesias   

   9. Everything You Want - Vertical Horizon   

   10. Bent - Matchbox Twenty   

   11. Music - Madonna   

   12. Incomplete - Sisqo   

   13. With Arms Wide Open - Creed   

   14. Independent Women Part I - Destiny's Child   

   15. It's Gonna Be Me - 'NSYNC

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