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Thurston Moore Side Projects

Thurston Moore has some serious artistic cred among the music elite as someone who has pushed the boundaries of rock music without ever compromising. He also has a nod from mainstream outlets like Rolling Stone magazine who ranked him number 34 on their Top 100 Guitarist of All Time list. Thurston is most known for his prolific output in the alternative/experimental rock outfit Sonic Youth, but you can also find his fingerprints all over high-art value musical projects -- most I which I'm quite sure you have not heard on the radio. For this playlist I've selected 15 tracks where Thurston Moore lends his playing talents. If you're a fan of Sonic Youth, or of Thurston Moore, this is a playlist that simply cannot be missed.

Thurston Moore Side Projects

1. Lesson No. 1 For Electric Guitar - Glenn Branca

2. Pope - Thick Pigeon

3. Needle Gun - Ciccone Youth

4. Talk So Mean - Moe Tucker

5. The Crumb - Lydia Lunch

6. Dim Star Theme - Dim Stars

7. Butterfly Boy - Shonen Knife

8. Tuff Gnarl - Mike Watt

9. Razor Kiss - Echo Park

10. Paix, Amour - Christian Marclay

11. Untitled - Gerard Malanga

12. South Beach - Sonny Vincent

13. Tonic One - Wally Shoup

14. Guitar Trio Pt. 1, Brooklyn - Rhys Chatham

15. So Sick! - Jemina Pearl

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