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Time Travel Songs

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Physicists are currently in a state of stunned awe, and Albert Einstein is rolling over in his grave with the recent news that neutrinos fired from CERN, in Geneva, ended up at the Gran Sasso Laboratory, in Italy, 60 nanoseconds faster than the speed of light. This is a really big deal. Without a cosmic rule that dictates the speed of light as  tops, we can pretty much throw out relativity as we know it. It means we know a heck of a lot less than we thought we did about the universe. Some say it proves the existence of God, and others say it means time travel is indeed possible. It will be awhile until the experiment is verified and accepted as fact, but if true, it opens up a whole new chapter of man's intellectual evolution and understanding of the universe.

In celebration of this historic scientific breakthrough, I've pulled together 20 songs that have something to do with time travel. 

What would you add?

Time Travel Songs

1. Time Warp - Rocky Horror Picture Show Cast

2. Iron Man - Black Sabbath

3. Time Machine  - Robyn

4. Backwards Traveller - Wings

5. Time Machine - Grand Funk Railroad 

6. Caught Somewhere In Time - Iron Maiden

7. Traveller In Time - Uriah Heep

8. Time Travel Is Lonely - John Vanderslice

9. The Best Way To Travel - The Moody Blues

10. Back In Time - Huey Lewis and the News

11. Rhyme Time Travel - Arsonists

12. Time Machine - T-Pain

13. Back In Time - Keane

14. Back To The Future - The Joggers

15. Time Travel - Grief Society

16. Back to the Future - Black Mustang

17. I Went Back in Time (To Shut You Down) - Daddy's Hands

18. Are We Travellers In Time - Saxon

19. Time PilotThe Apples In Stereo

20. Time Traveller - Kitaro

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