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Tom Hanks Movies: A Playlist

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I've been listening to the new Henning Ohlenbusch album Henning Goes To The Movies. The record contains nine songs, each written to correspond with nine different movies. Ohlenbusch said this about the project, "Like everything in life, movies are experienced differently by each viewer. On this record, I tried to express in music how these nine films impacted me personally. At the outset, I established one rule: I was not allowed to revisit a film until I composed and recorded the song that it inspired me to write. In this way, I hope that each piece genuinely conveys the ways in which each movie has stuck with me throughout the years." Well, it should be no surprise to anyone who follows this blog that I'm a fan of Henning's approach. So for this list I've lifted the first song off Henning's new album, "Joe Versus The Volcano" and then selected nine more tracks that were directly inspired by, or share the name of a film starring Tom Hanks. 

So, what would you add?

Tom Hanks Movies: A Playlist

1. Joe Versus the Volcano - Henning Ohlenbusch

2. Forrest Gump - Digitalism

3. You've Got Mail - Zapp and Roger

4. Streets Of Philadelphia - Bruce Springsteen

5. Toy Story - David Guetta

6. Green Mile - The Islanders

7. Da Vinci Code - Becky Orton

8. Cast Away - Daniel Gray

9. Apollo 13 - Drill

10. Splash - Garfunkle

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