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Top 10 Alt/Indie Lion Songs

The lion (Panthera Leo) has been a favorite symbol of songwriters for generations. Historically, the lion has been a positive symbol of nobility, bravery and royalty. The oldest know representation of the animal is a carved ivory representation thought to be about 32,000 years old. But in addition to the lion's well-known noble symbolic lineage, the "king of beasts" can also be used to represent strength, power, virility, fierceness, masculinity, aggressiveness and danger. The many metaphorical possibilities make the lion a great choice for a songwriter to paint stories with. The most famous "lion song" is arguably The Tokens' version of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight". But for this playlist I've chosen what I feel are the top 10 examples of "lion songs" among alt/indie songwriters.

What's your favorite lion song?

Top 10 Alt/Indie Lion Songs

1. Lions - Pavement

2. Lion In A Coma - Animal Collective

3. Lion's Teeth - The Mountain Goats

4. Lion's Mane - Iron and Wine

5. Gold Lion - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

6. Young Lions - Constantines

7. The Lion's Share -10,000 Maniacs

8. Lion's Jaws - Neko Case

9. Snow Lion - Feist

10. Lions In My Own Garden (Exit Someone) - Prefab Sprout

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