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Top 10 Earth Day Songs

Earth Day was founded back in 1970 and falls on April 22nd in America each year. The holiday has grown in popularity over the decades and continues to do so with hightened attention on global climate change. Earth Day is now even celebrated by "light green" environmentalists who may not wear patchouli and attend protests, but do volunteer for clean ups, donate to environmental causes and make renewed pledges to live more gently. Since artistic types tend to be more in tune with environmental issues than the population at large, it's no surprise that many environmental songs have made their way into the popular culture. Musicians have been selling green since the 1960's when the environmental movement first entered the collective consciousness -- until today, when global climate change can be found on page 1 of the news instead of page 15.

Although there are hundreds of great green-centric songs to choose from, this playlist features the ten tracks that I personally feel are the best environmental songs. If you don't have anything planned this year for Earth Day spend some time with this playlist and renew your dedication to doing your part for the environment. Whatever that may be.

What's your favorite environmental song?

Top 10 Earth Day Songs

1. Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology) - Marvin Gaye

2. Big Yellow Taxi - Joni Mitchell

3. Paradise - John Prine

4. Shapes Of Things - The Yardbirds 

5. Nature's Way - Spirit

6. Don't Go Near The Water - The Beach Boys

7. If A Tree Falls - Bruce Cockburn

8. Don't Go Near The Water - Johnny Cash

9. Mother Earth (Natural Anthem) - Neil Young

10. I Remember California - R.E.M.

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