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Top 10 Letter Songs

Before email, the letter was a powerful tool. Some would even say writing a letter is a dying art form. But in song, a letter metaphor can still express the feelings a songwriter is trying to get across. It can represent something wonderful, as with a love letter, or a job offer, but it can also represent something awful as with a Dear John letter, or other bad news. Today, email is instant, and most of us receive a great deal of it every day. So the anticipation, excitement and suspense of finding a real handwritten letter in the mail is mostly gone. Athough the letter is disappearing, it will always live on in song. For this playlist I've chosen my personal top 10 "letter song" picks and it includes some true classics as well as some more modern gems.

What would you add?

Top 10 Letter Songs


1. The Letter The Box Tops

2. Strawberry Letter 23 -  The Brothers Johnson

3. A Letter To Elise - The Cure

4. Love Letter - Bonnie Raitt

5. Death Letter - White Stripes

6. Please Read The Letter - Robert Plant

7. The Letter - The Veils

8. Letter To My Son - Bloc Party

9. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter - Madeleine Peyroux

10. An Open Letter To Nyc - Beastie Boys

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