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The Top 10 Most Ridiculous Band Names

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There is no shortage of ridiculous band names these days. After all, anyone with a microphone and a computer can start a band, and most of the good names have already been taken. Today, while perusing Spotify, I came across a band called Gay Black Republican, mid coffee mind you. Needless to say, I almost drowned as the combination of those three words forced a powerful reflex gasp, half my beverage ended up in my wind pipe.

Thankfully, I recovered.

After I cleaned myself up, I got back on Spotify with a mission to find the most ridiculous band names in existence. I emerged with this top 10 list. And I must say, this one puts all the other "crappy band name" lists to shame.

Limp Bizkit and Toad The Wet Sprocket have nothing on these guys. And yep, these are real bands, with actual recorded music, so please be sure to take a listen after the jump. Some sound like what you would expect, but others will surprise.

So here we go, I give you the top 10 most ridiculous band names. Period.

#10. Goddamn Electric Bill

#9. Gay Black Republican

#8. Carnivorous Vagina

#7. Penis Fly Trap

#6. Faggot Sapiens

#5. Instant A**hole

#4. Tokyo Ghetto P*ssy

#3. Nipple Headed Finger Gods

#2. Ape Rape Escape

#1. Anal C*nt

And if you want more, don't miss this.

The Top 10 Most Ridiculous Band Names
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