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Top 10 Red Songs and Blue Songs for Red States and Blue States

Are you an political independent having a hard time deciding which party to vote for this November? Don't hurt yourself combing through all the issues and listening to the talking heads.

Instead, just decide which color has the better songs and you'll know who to vote for.

Blue is a color that holds a multitude of meaning for the songwriter. It's representation of sadness and despair have even given the color it's own genre in "the blues". It's also the color used to represent the democratic party, so if you like this playlist better than the red one, vote for Obama or Clinton in November depending on who gets the nod.



1. Blue - Lucinda Williams

2. Blue - Joni Mitchell

3. Blue - Miles Davis

4. Blue - Rain Parade 

5. Blue - The Jayhawks

6. Blue - The Verve

7. Blue - Smashing Pumpkins 

8. Blue - The Samples

9. Blue - Frank Sinatra

10. Blue - Buffalo Tom

If I decided to base these playlists on the political leanings of the artists included it simply would not have worked. The republican list would have country music and Ted Nugent. The democratic list would have everyone else. So to keep it a bit more fair I give you 10 "red" songs to help you decide if John McCain could be the man for you in 2008.
(Note: I didn't include "green songs" as Nader has absolutely no chance)


1. Red - Okkervil River

2. (Red) - Califone

3. Red - Jesse Cook

4. Red - Bob Marley 

5. Red - Elbow

6. Red - Belly

7. Red - Frank Sinatra 

8. Red - Miles Davis

9. Red - The Young Dubliners 

10. Red - Niacin 

So what list is better? The "red" songs, or the "blue" songs?

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