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Top 10 Songs About Clouds

Yesterday we did a playlist of "blue sky" songs. Today we let clouds enter the picture. What are clouds anyway? Well, they're simply tiny drops of water or ice suspended in the atmosphere. White clouds can represent peacefulness and beauty, or elation as in being on "cloud 9". On the other hand, dark clouds can represent gloominess, danger or sadness. With so many metaphorical options, clouds are a favorite theme for songwriters. For this playlist I've chosen what I feel are the top 10 songs that use clouds as a way to get a point across.

What cloud songs would you add?

Top 10 Songs About Clouds

1. Get Off Of My Cloud - The Rolling Stones

2. You're So Vain - Carly Simon

3. Clouds - The Jayhawks

4. Clouds - Django Reinhardt

5. Clouds - The Go-Betweens

6. Dark Cloud - The Holmes Brothers

7. Clouds - Buffalo Tom

8. Clouds - The Submarines

9. In The Clouds - The Cult

10. Cloudy - Average White Band

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