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Top 10 Songs About Monday

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The average person will see about 4,040 Mondays in their lifetime. And outside of the few short years before you start school and the time you spend on vacation, or retired, Mondays are the most hated days on the planet. Of course, if you love your job, this doesn't have to be the case, but unfortunately, a sizable chunk of the workforce does in fact, hate their job. This simple truth has given rise to a plethora of Monday songs, most of which speak negatively about the day. For this playlist I have taken a shot at collecting what I feel are the very best songs ever recorded about Monday. Let me know which songs you would add and which you would remove.

And if you hate Monday's give this list a spin, it may just help you make it through until Tuesday.

Top 10 Songs About Monday

   1. They Call It Stormy Monday (But Tuesday's Just As Bad) - T-Bone Walker

   2. I Don't Like Mondays - The Boomtown Rats 

   3. Blue Monday - New Order 

   4. Monday Monday - The Mamas & The Papas 

   5. New Moon On Monday - Duran Duran 

   6. Monday - Wilco

   7. Long Monday - John Prine 

   8. Manic Monday - The Bangles 

   9. Monday Monday Monday - Tegan and Sara 

   10. Blue Monday - Little Milton  

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