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Top 10 Songs About Sheep

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The poor and lowly sheep. They start life off as a symbol of meekness and purity, the lamb is the very symbol of Christ himself. But once they reach adulthood the symbolism of the animal transforms to stupidity, or people who follow without thinking for themselves. And in the case of the black sheep they represent "a member of a family or other group who is considered undesirable or disreputable." Sheep live a simple existence, they give us food and clothing, and they woudn't hurt a fly even if cornered. So why all the hate? It's inexplicable.

The symbolism of the sheep has not gone overlooked by songwriters and this playlist includes my top 10 picks for songs about sheep. I have not included the lamb in the list as the symbolic meaning is quite different and deserves its own playlist.

What's your favorite "sheep" song?

Top 10 Songs About Sheep

1. Sheep - Pink Floyd

2. Sheep Go To Heaven - Cake

3. Black Sheep - Martin Sexton

4. Black Sheep Boy - Tim Hardin

5. Black Sheep Boy - Okkervil River

6. The Black Sheep's Song - Julian Cope

7. Sheep Shell Corn - Ricky Skaggs

8. Sheep Wait For Wolf - Silkworm

9. Black Sheep Wall - The Innocence Mission

10. Black Sheep - Johnny Paycheck  

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