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Top 10 Songs About Thursday

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Today we continue with our days of the week playlist series by offering up songs about Thursday. With the exception of Friday, Thursday is the most welcome weekday considering its proximity to the weekend. The name "Thursday" is derived from the god of thunder. Otherswise known as Thor, Thunor, or Thunaraz. So Thursday is really "Thor's day". I don't know about you, but I think Thor is a pretty kick ass god, with that glorious magic hammer and all. But Thursday has more going for it than just the backing of the god of thunder. It also has influenced a good deal of most excellent tunes. For this playlist I have selected what I feel are the top 10 songs ever recorded about Thursday. What are yours?

Top 10 Songs About Thursday

   1. Thursday - Asobi Seksu   

   2. Thursday - Morphine

   3. Thursday - Country Joe & The Fish 

   4. Thursday The 12th - Charlie Hunter 

   5. Thursday's Child - Eartha Kitt 

   6. Thursday - Jim Croce 

   7. Thursday's Child - David Bowie

   8. (Thursday) Here's Why I Did Not Go To Work Today - Harry Nilsson 

   9. Sweet Thursday - Pizzicato Five 

   10. Jersey Thursday - Donovan

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