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Top 10 Songs About Tuesday

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Yesterday was Monday, and in celebration I posted a playlist that contained some of the very best "Monday songs" in existence. So today I thought I would post my top 10 list of the best "Tuesday songs". Heck, I think I'll do one for each day all this week. Tuesday is probably the least important of all the days in the week, it doesn't have the same aura of dread that Monday has, it's not really a milestone like hump day, it's not a celebrated weekend day and it's not even as good as Thursday since by then you're in the home stretch to the weekend. But despite all of this Tuesday has some truly great songs that pay it homage. These are my top 10 picks. What are yours?


Top 10 Songs About Tuesday

   1. Ruby Tuesday - The Rolling Stones 

   2. Tuesday's Gone - Lynyrd Skynyrd 

   3. Tuesday Afternoon (Forever Afternoon) - The Moody Blues 

   4. They Call It Stormy Monday (But Tuesday's Just As Bad) - T-Bone Walker 

   5. On A Tuesday In Amsterdam Long Ago - Counting Crows 

   6. Tuesday Heartbreak - Stevie Wonder 

   7. Tuesday's Dead - Cat Stevens 

   8. Tuesday Morning - Michelle Branch 

   9. Tuesday Morning - The Pogues 

   10. Tuesday At Ten - Count Basie  

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