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Top 10 “Voodoo” Songs

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Voodoo, as we know it in the United States, has a mysterious and eerie reputation. It's a spiritual belief system that can be found among the melting pot of Creole, French, Spanish and African-American culture in the state of Louisiana. Considering the rich musical history of the New Orleans region, it should be no surprise that voodoo has found it's way into popular music. Voodoo dolls, spells, hexes, potions and the like make fantastic fodder for the songwriter. For this playlist I searched the Rhapsody database for songs with the word "voodoo" in the song title. 4,339 tracks were returned. From this list,  chose what I felt were the very best "voodoo" songs out of the whole lot.

What's your favorite voodoo song?

Top 10 "Voodoo" Songs

   1. Voodoo Child (Slight Return) - Jimi Hendrix

   2. Hoodoo Voodoo - Billy Bragg & Wilco 

   3. Voodoo Cadillac - Southern Culture on the Skids
   4. Voodoo - Black Sabbath
   5. Voodoo What You Do - Johnny "Guitar" Watson
   6. Voodoo - Lee "Scratch" Perry
   7. Voodoo Acid - Steve Vai 

   8. Voodoo - The Neville Brothers 

   9. Voodoo Woman - Koko Taylor 

   10. Voodoo Lady - Ween  

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