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Top 10 Wine Songs

I love wine, but I don't drink it as much as I'd like. Each time my wife and I enjoy a decent bottle here at the house we promise to stock up so that we can have a glass every evening with dinner. Unfortunately, we never follow up on our promise. We repeatedly end up cracking a bottle only when friends are over, and we usually end up drinking too much in one night. I like to blame the cost, but in reality I know some great wines that I can get for under 10 bucks a bottle. So I'm not really sure what the mental block is preventing us from drinking more. I really fell in love with the vino after my first trip to Napa Valley where I imbibed a ton and learned even more. There was just something about seeing the grapes being grown in that California sunlight, and experiencing the whole wine-making process that really opened me up.

There are large numbers of songwriters who have also been inspired by wine. After all, it's all about the wine, women and song, no? For this playlist I looked for songs inspired by wine and then narrowed the list down to my favorite 10.

What is your favorite wine song, and more importantly, what's your favorite wine? I need all the tips I can get.

Top 10 Wine Songs

   1. Spill The Wine - The Isley Brothers   

   2. Lilac Wine - Jeff Buckley   

   3. Cherry Red Wine - Luther Allison   

   4. Red, Red Wine - Neil Diamond   

   5. Bottle Of Red Wine - Eric Clapton   

   6. Wine Take Me Away - Merle Haggard   

   7. The Days Of Wine And Roses - The Dream Syndicate   

   8. Yesterday's Wine  - Willie Nelson   

   9. Days Of Wine And Roses -  Frank Sinatra   

   10. Tiny Bubbles - Don Ho

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