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Troll Songs

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I have one final Halloween theme tonight after publishing playlists about black cats, witches, monsters, spiders, pumpkins, zombies
and skeletons.  And I have saved the most repulsive monster for last -- the lowly troll. The troll is an unintelligent brute with no hygiene to speak of, and it comes to us from Norse mythology. However, during the age of the Internet, "troll" has come to describe someone who "trolls" for an emotional response by leaving insulting, or off-topic comments. Yahoo Music has a few of them, and they're not hard to spot when you read the comments. One in particular seems to spend hours each day just posting nonsensical drivel, which is continuously ignored. Trolls are just one of the unfortunate things that just come along with the Internet, like spam and viruses.

This troll-themed playlist is dedicated to all the grotesques trolls, who really deserve our pity more than our hate.

Troll Songs

1. Troll - Jad Fair

2. Throw Those Trolls Away - R.E.M.

3. Red Eyed Troll - The Muffs

4. Dr. Troll - Xiu Xiu

5. Troll - Friends Like These

6. The Troll - Saint Vitus

7. Gang of Trolls - Aktarum

8. Troll's Bane - Harvist

9. White Reggae Troll - Devendra Banhart

10. Trolls - Frost-RAVEN

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