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Types Of Police

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It's no secret that rock and roll has long standing issues with the police. Rock has always been the music of rebellion, and the police are the ultimate symbol of authority. If you're trying to gain some rocker cred, you can't really embrace law enforcement personal, even though they put their lives on the line to protect us, for very little money. There are thousands of songs that paint negative images of the police, and this is not so much a playlist of these, but a playlist of different types of cops. To create it I looked for songs that use the words "police", or "cops", but also add a unique and descriptive word(s) in the song title. You'll find "Dream Police", "Karma Police", "Fashion Police", "Ganja Police" and "Fat Police", among others.

What would you add?

Types Of Police

1. Dream Police - Cheap Trick

2. Karma Police - Radiohead

3. Trigger Happy Police  - Dela

4. Ganja Police - Mantra Porno

5. White Cops On Dope - N.W.H.

6. Velvet Police - Alvina Red

7. Fashion Police - Thousand Ears

8. Dead Cops / America's So Straight - Millions Of Dead Cops

9. Mind Police - Dave Dub 

10. Dog Police - Dog Police

11. R.A.P. (Racist Ass Police) - MC Friction

12. The Fat Police - The Gun and Doll Show

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