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Van Halen: The Covers

Those who read my blog may know that the first album I ever purchased was Rush, Moving Pictures. That album started my love affair with rock music back in the day when the Sony Walkman was the portable device of choice. I bought every Rush album available and listened to them as if they were the only band on the planet. Then one day at the beach a friend handed me Van Halen 1 and said, "if you like Rush, you'll dig this". He was right. So Van Halen became the second rock band I fell in love with. I suppose I bought every album they released up until OU812, which is around the time I lost interest. During these "Halen years" I didn't realize that a lot of the Van Halen songs I'd come to love were covers. So in honor of those innocent days I've put together this playlist of cover songs as recorded and released on a proper Van Halen album.

And for the record, while Sammy has my respect, Dave was by far the band's best frontman. 

Van Halen: The Covers

1. You Really Got Me originally by The Kinks

2. Ice Cream Man originally by John Brim

3. You're No Good originally by Betty Everett

4. Where Have All The Good Times Gone! originally by The Kinks

5. (Oh) Pretty Woman originally by Roy Orbison

6. Dancing In The Street originally by Martha and The Vandellas

7. Happy Trails originally by Roy Rogers

8. A Apolitical Blues originally by Little Feat

9. Won't Get Fooled Again originally by The Who

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