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Walmart Songs

Lots of people have some pretty passionate views about Walmart. And among my friends I'm definitely in the minority because I have no issue with Walmart. In my view the company is just a tightly run retail business that can offer the lowest prices because of its incredible buying power. Big whoop. So Walmart doesn't pay its clerks a lot? So what? How much would a cashier or a greeter make at your store? And how long do you think you would be in business? In my opinion, all jobs should be welcome jobs, and Walmart sure does create a heck of a lot of jobs -- 2.1 Million to be exact, not including vendors and suppliers. And more importantly they promote from within. I also like Walmart because they offer affordable food and necessities for all, but this is especially helpful for the poor. Did you ever notice how the people who hate Walmart don't tend to be poor people? More likely, they drive a $28,000 Prius and carry around a $3,000 laptop. Maybe if these elitist snots were single parents of 5 kids and had a limited income they would have a different view. I also find it telling that I've caught two friends shopping at the very store they complained about previously. Can Walmart improve? Sure, but what company can't?

This playlist includes 10 Walmart-inspired tracks, regardless of a pro or con perspective.

Walmart Songs

1. Walmart Parking Lot - Clem Snide

2. Walmart - Hot Buttered Elvis

3. Walmart Flowers - Stephen Cochran

4. Walmart Killed The Country Store - The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band

5. Walmart Song - Austin Scott

6. Walmart Special - Junkrod Joe and the Cadillac Hearse

7. Money Like Walmart - Rod G.

8. Steal From Walmart - Ghettosocks

9. I Shop At Walmart - Mystic Hen

10. Receipt Found in the Parking Lot of the Super Walmart - Big Poppa E

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