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Weightless Songs

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This playlist features an album's worth of weightless music. Meaning, it's composed of songs both titled "weightless" and that have an overall feeling of weightlessness.

It's an interesting study in songs where the title has a direct correlation to the mood. If you were to meditate on what the word "weightless" might sound like in song, you would likely imagine music exactly like that found in this playlist.

Airy and mellow ambient tracks highlight the list, and offer a glimpse of what it would feel like to be floating in space. You've probably heard of artists like Brian Eno, Mike Oldfield, Thomas Dolby and Enigma who contribute fine weightless tracks to the playlist, but the other six tracks are by artists who you've probably never heard of.

However, all the artists contained here share the same general idea when it came to penning their own interpretations of what "weightless" sounds like.

So get your anti-gravity suit out and float on.


The Playlist:

1. Weightless - Brian Eno

2. Weightless - Reticulum Flux

3. Weightless (Daniel Lanois Single Remix) - Chris Whitley

4. Weightless - Mike Oldfield

5. Weightless - Enigma

6. Weightless - GBM

7. Weightless - Thomas Dolby

8. Weightless - Furious Trauma

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