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Hello fervid music visionaries. My name is Robert of the Radish. Welcome to the new, Y! Music Playlist blog.

In the coming months, this place will swell with the most intensively researched and well thought-out music playlists available on the Internet today.

First a little background.

I'm a devoted music historian with a degree in music business who's made building playlists a life obsession. I reside on the shore of Lake Wylie, which borders North and South Carolina, and live a charmed life with my beautiful wife, two small children, aged 4 and 2, and black lab named Winslow P. Caloomper.

My philosophy on music is simple: "All music has value."

However, to what degree an individual song has value varies widely, and is up for interpretation. Here at the Y! Radish we will strive to point out where songs may fit, all within the context of the playlist.

Music can be put together in ways that stretch beyond radio, or MTV, or the Billboard charts. Today, with the advent of digital music, and more importantly, subscription music services, we can connect music without the barriers, and distribute playlists with very little cost.

For example, maybe you have a friend graduating from law school and want a playlist for a graduation party. But after countless hours of searching for a compilation CD, you come up empty. The reason is simple. A record company would never create a CD with such a niche audience, because the return on investment is not good.

The ways that music can be put together are infinite and only limited by our imagination. The goal of Y! Radish is to provide you with some of the best researched and creative playlists around, and to inspire you to create your own.

Some further examples of how we can put music together in playlists includes songs for a person with a particular name like Evangeline or Tim. Songs written by a particular songwriter like Dan Penn or Bert Burns. Songs written around a common theme like Superman or Classic Rock Songs About California.

We can also put songs that have novelty value together into cohesive lists like Acoustic 80s Covers or Classic Rock Dance Remixes. Or we can use playlists to educate. For instance, maybe you're a fan of Sting and would like to discover side projects he's been a part of outside of his solo work and The Police. Or maybe you have a desire to hear what 11/8 time sounds like. Or you might be interested in hip hop tracks that have sampled Steve Miller.

I could go on for years about the new ways music can be connected. And at the Y! Radish we intend to do just that.



The Y! Radish Welcome Playlist Tracklisting: 

1. Welcome To My World - Jim Reeves

2. Welcome To The Music - Bread

3. Welcome To The Machine - Pink Floyd

4. Welcome - John Coltrane

5. Welcome To Paradise - Front 242

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