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The World’s Top Selling Christmas Singles

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Bing Crosby's 1942 recording of the Irving Berling penned "White Christmas" is the biggest selling single of all time. The song has sold in excess of 50 million copies worldwide. Berlin wrote the song while relaxing by the pool in a Phoenix, AZ resort in 1940, and Crosby would record and release it two years later. "White Christmas" has become one of the most recognized songs in the world, and can instantly stir that Christmas feeling in old and young alike.

No other song has come close to this incredible sales number. The nearest competition is Elton John's remake of "Candle In the Wind", which he released as a tribute to Lady Diana in 1997. That single has sold around 37 million worldwide. But where the sales for the Elton John single were driven by a singular event (the death of Lady Diana), "White Christmas" continues to sell year in and year out as new generations add it to their must-have lists.

For this playlist I've selected only the biggest selling Christmas singles. To make this list the song had to be released as a single, and had to sell at least 5 million copies. As you will see, Bing has three of the seven Christmas songs that made the cut. These three singles account for over 86 million units sold. That is an unbelievable number, and Mr. Crosby will surely hold the record for some time to come.

Certainly, most of you are familiar with all of the songs in this list, but what songs would you add to make the perfect Christmas playlist?

The World's Top Selling Christmas Singles

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