'Win, Lose or Draw': Which Oscar Nominee Inspired the Game Show?

This actor's celebrity game nights inspired the '80s series and the upcoming Disney Channel remake.

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What's the biggest difference between the original "Win, Lose or Draw" game show and the Disney Channel's upcoming remake of the series? The set of the Disney do-over probably won't be modeled on Burt Reynolds's living room.

The 1987-90 series, which aired both in daytime on NBC and at night in a syndicated version, was produced by Emmy and Golden Globe winner Reynolds and actor-host Bert Convy, and the idea for the show was sparked from a game-night experience at Reynolds's home.

"One night several years ago, we were playing charades at Burt's house, and one of the players was Fred Astaire," original daytime "Win, Lose or Draw" host Vicki Lawrence told an interviewer in 1988. "Fred was given 'The Charge of the Light Brigade' to act out. Being a very shy man, Fred instead attempted to draw several hundred tiny soldiers.

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"Burt told Bert Convy about the drawing idea, and they agreed it might make a good TV game show."

The set, which included a pair of cozy couches and houseplants, was designed to re-create the look of Reynolds's living room.

Convy went on to host the syndicated version of the show, while Reynolds and then-wife Loni Anderson -- along with celeb pals such as Jason Bateman, Betty White, Martin Mull, Dick Clark, Lynda Carter, Linda Blair, Ricardo Montalban, Sally Struthers, Charles Nelson Reilly, and Dom DeLuise -- were among the famous types who played the game and tried to help everyday Joes and Janes nab some quick cash.

In Disney's upcoming remake, "Cupcake Wars" star Justin Willman (who's also a magician who goes by the name Justin Kredible … for reals) will play host as two teams -- each made up of two kid contestants and a Disney celeb -- trade in the old-school drawing pad and markers for a more tech-friendly drawing board that will include motion control and interactive touchscreen displays.

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The Disney Channel aired its own version of the show -- titled "Teen Win, Lose or Draw" -- from 1989 to 1992. Marc Price, best known as Irwin "Skippy" Handelman, the Keaton family's endearingly pesky teen neighbor on "Family Ties," hosted the series (set in his driveway instead of a mock-up of Reynolds's living room), which featured such teen stars as Soleil Moon "Punky Brewster" Frye, "Star Trek: The Next Generation" star Wil Wheaton, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Yes, that Leonardo DiCaprio.

Before his big-screen stardom, DiCaprio starred in "Parenthood," a one-season NBC adaptation of the 1989 movie (the same movie that inspired the current NBC drama "Parenthood"), and it was as a "Parenthood" cast member that he joined Skippy -- er, Marc Price-- and Frye as a "Teen Win, Lose or Draw" contestant.

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And we've got the video proof. Check out video of Leo putting his best doodling forward, along with video clips of a few other surprise "Win, Lose or Draw" contestants:

Leo and Soleil battle each other in this 1990 episode of the original Disney Channel version of the show ... can you believe those boys didn't get "pool" out of those hints?!

This time it's the contestant who's the star, or at least a future one: Oscar-winning "Toy Story 3" director and co-writer Lee Unkrich made what he calls his TV debut in a 1987 episode of "Win, Lose or Draw" in which -- appropriately enough -- his clever drawing skills won him the game, and in which he wore a sweater that can only be described as Cosby-esque.

"Star Search" comedy winner -- and eventual three-time "Everybody Loves Raymond" Emmy winner -- Brad Garrett helped the guys' team emerge victorious in a 1988 episode of "Win, Lose or Draw."

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Dick Clark hosted multiple versions of the "Pyramid" game show (and famously taped as many as 10 episodes a day), but he's a player in this 1988 episode of "Win, Lose or Draw." One quibble: The game ended in a tie, and instead of breaking it, the show had the contestants split the bonus money.

The always funny Martin Mull -- who's starring in Seth MacFarlane's upcoming live-action Fox sitcom "Dads" -- surprised everyone not only with his calm but also with his fantastic, quick drawing skills in this 1988 episode that also featured "Arrested Development" and "Archer" mama Jessica Walter.

And then there's the 1988 episode of the syndicated series -- with celeb guests Susan Lucci and Kim "Tootie" Fields -- that was filmed on location in Central Park (complete with the outdoor version of Burt Reynolds's living room). Bonus points if you can get past the part where "Fame" star Gene Anthony Ray tries to teach Bert Convy how to do the cabbage patch dance without spitting your Coke Zero at your screen.

The Disney Channel's "Win, Lose or Draw" remake will premiere later this year.

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