Even yetis love Wheat Thins in new Super Bowl ad [Video]

Yahoo TV

We all know that Wheat Thins are crunchy and addictive crackers; now, the Super Bowl ad promoting the newest flavor, Spicy Buffalo, hopes to crack you up with a yeti and an overly protective snack lover.

Is there any length a man won't go to protect his favorite snack? According to this quirky commercial, the answer is a resounding no. Hey, the guy loves his Spicy Buffalo Wheat Thins and is more than willing to stay up all night in night-vision goggles to ensure that nothing harms his beloved munchie.

"Who's gonna take your Wheat Thins?" asks his less-than-impressed wife. Isn't it obvious? "An intruder, the dog, Bigfoot, Ted from next door," he responds. Well, he's almost right. Only moments later, he protects his tasty treats from an aggressive, snack-loving yeti. Unfortunately, the Himalayan monster wasn't the only threat; as feared, his neighbor Ted snatches the box and runs off into the night. So who's hungry?

To see this spot on Super Bowl Sunday, be sure to tune in before kickoff, since this ad will air before the big event.

The San Francisco 49ers will take on the Baltimore Ravens in Super Bowl XLVII, which airs Sunday 2/3 at 6:30 PM on CBS.

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