Gary Clark Jr. Burns Through 'Please Come Home' on 'Letterman'

Rolling Stone

Gary Clark Jr. was the subject of extravagant praise when he stopped by the Late Show With David Letterman last night, as Letterman recalled the guitarist's tribute to Buddy Guy last year at the Kennedy Center Honors as "a solitary, stand-alone piece of entertainment. You're not going to find any better than the performance that night," Letterman said. 

50 Best Albums of 2012: Gary Clark Jr., 'Blak and Blu'

Clark lived up to Letterman's introduction on the slow-burning "Please Come Home." Singing in a soulful falsetto, the Austin musician let the song flow around him and then took masterful control with a scorching guitar break. The song comes from Clark's 2012 album Blak and Blu.

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