Psy Goes 'Gangnam Style' at 'Christmas in Washington'

Rolling Stone

Two days after issuing an apology for his participation in anti-American concerts a decade ago in South Korea, Psy performed for President Barack Obama, his family and others at the annual "Christmas in Washington" charity concert yesterday, The Washington Post reports. The South Korean pop star tweaked his "Gangnam Style" into "Christmas Style," sporting reindeer antlers as he rode the song's signature horse dance. Obama shook Psy's hand, but did not mention the singer in his closing remarks.

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"There was huge sorrow all over the country," said Psy about the time surrounding his controversial concerts. "Explain and express about the sorrow . . . I thought that's kind of part of my job . . . But the specific words that I used, it was too much." But for the singer, success takes a backseat to setting things right. "If it's gonna hurt my career or not, that's not important," he said. "The most important thing is that as a human being, I really, fully regret the using of [those] kinds of words."

"Christmas in Washington" will air December 21st on TNT.

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