Rolling Stone's Favorite #Concertpetpeeves

Rolling Stone
Rolling Stone's Favorite #Concertpetpeeves

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Rolling Stone's Favorite #Concertpetpeeves

After Rolling Stone published our list of the 10 Most Annoying Concert Behaviors, we shouted out on Twitter for your own #concertpetpeeves, asking you to tweet your best to @RollingStone. From lazy singers to pushy crowds, you did not hold back. Here are some of our favorites from you.


People thinking they can push their way to front of concert when they didn't get there early enough get good spot. #ConcertPetPeeves

— Thomas Allen (@TMASTHETRN) January 16, 2013



@rollingstone Singers who can't hit the notes anymore holding up the mic for the audience to sing. No YOU sing it. #ConcertPetPeeves

— Steve Dodd (@SteveDodd) January 16, 2013



@rollingstone Very tall people standing in front of very short me. #ConcertPetPeeves

— Tara Dublin(@taradublinrocks) January 16, 2013



@rollingstone I was at a gig recently and some dude had his freakin iPad filming show, in everyone's view, wtf? #ConcertPetPeeves

— chelsea scade (@coffeeshopmum) January 16, 2013



@rollingstone #ConcertPetPeeves Constantly calling out for one hit song but ignoring and talking/yelling through the back catalogue.

— Sarah (@SarahHJ77) January 16, 2013



The band doesn't show up #ConcertPetPeeves

— Kaz (@Culture_Agent) January 16, 2013



@rollingstone People knockin into me & no apology, gettin whipped in face w/smelly hair, sweaty people brushin against me #ConcertPetPeeves

— Ryan Steeves (@ThisisRyanS) January 16, 2013



#ConcertPetPeeves people that are obviously too large to crowd surf!

— Melissa Widner (@littlemelblue) January 16, 2013



@rollingstone When the people in front of you hold a giant sign up #ConcertPetPeeves

— Taylor Chick (@taylorchick27) January 16, 2013



@rollingstone waaaay-too drunk people not being able to find things: mosh pit, bathroom, and trash can for puking #ConcertPetPeeves

— Olivia Langford (@livilang) January 16, 2013



Rude people pushing you like you're not even there #ConcertPetPeeves

— Cherry Bomb (@ParasiteLady_) January 16, 2013



@rollingstone Women with gigantic purses and dudes with backpacks. #ConcertPetPeeves

— Gabriela Lambert (@peevishmama) January 17, 2013



People who yell out the WRONG lyrics right into your ear #ConcertPetPeeves @rollingstone

— Obrad (@alexobrad) January 17, 2013



@rollingstone talking loudly during quiet songs #concertpetpeeves

— Whitney(@whitneyinvt) January 16, 2013



@rollingstone a band who just does not engage a crowd #ConcertPetPeeves

— David (@David2NK) January 16, 2013



Music Magazines that don't understand the importance of yelling Freebird at a concert #NoSubtley #ConcertPetPeeves

— Kristian Johnson (@Foreign_Fruit) January 16, 2013

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