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Miami cannibal attack

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A gruesome attack by Rudy Eugene (pictured, left) left homeless man Ronald Poppo (pictured, right) blind and missing pieces of his face. Eugene was eventually shot and killed by a police officer. The attack appeared random. (Miami-Dade Police Dept./AP Photo)

A series of bizarre killings, led by the so-called Miami cannibal attack on May 26, triggered an outbreak of searches such as "zombie apocalypse." The story of Ronald Poppo, a South Florida homeless man, generated lurid attention for days because his attacker, Rudy Eugene, was nude when he attacked Poppo by chewing off much of his face. A police officer shot and killed Eugene, and no motive has surfaced.

Speculation ran high that inexpensive synthetic drugs, or "bath salts," were involved, but an autopsy revealed that was not the case. Poppo shockingly survived and has even given interviews about his attack, telling a Miami TV station, "He just ripped me to ribbons."

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