Entertainment News Pop: Selena Gomez T

Entertainment News Pop: Selena Gomez Turns 21!!
It's official! another former Disney star has reached the legal drinking age. That's right, Selena Gomez turns 21, and she has already started celebrating. There is no doubt the "Slow Down" singer has grown up over her years in the spotlight. From tackling risky acting roles, to taking on a new techno sound, to showing just a little more skin, Gomez is finally starting to shed her good girl image. Although she doesn?t seem like one who would get smashed (unlike her character in Spring Breakers), let's hope Selena toasts to her 21st with at least a celebratory glass of champagne. Or, whatever those Hollywood youngsters are drinking these days. The second season of Mr. Selfridge will stick with PBS. The broadcaster announced that it has secured the rights to the sophomore run of the period drama, renewed by the U.K.'s ITV in February. The Guardian, conscious that some Brits just aren't monarchists, offers a non-royal version of its Web site, so people can avoid royal baby mania.
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