Katy Perry Looks Dressed Down On Relaxing

Katy Perry Looks Dressed Down On Relaxing Day Off!
Katy Perry is going grey! The ROAR singer was spotted going super casual at a friend's house. Katy's next single may be bright and colorful, but her outfit wasn't! Katy Perry is Roaring her way to even more success, as the first single off her upcoming album Prism debuts at #1 on the Digital Songs chart. Roar clocked in with an impressive 557,000 downloads in its first full sales week, Katy's best yet! The MTV Video Music Awards are THIS Sunday and with performances from the likes from Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, and Kanye West and plenty more chart toppers, there is no question this year will be an insanely wild ride. Of course, no one will ever top the jaw dropping moment Britney Spears and Madonna wrestled tongues on stage, but there is no hurt in trying!
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