Leif Garrett Gives Justin Bieber Tou

Leif Garrett Gives Justin Bieber Tough Advice
Leif Garrett knows what Justin Bieber is going through. But the 1970s-era teen idol hopes that Bieber ends up avoiding the same mistakes. "Do not believe your own publicity," the now 51-year-old actor warned in an interview with FoxNews.com when asked if he had any advice. "Sussing out who your real friends are is full-time work." Justin Bieber's posted a snap to Instagram from a recent studio session featuring rapper Future, meaning a collaboration must be in the works! Justin Bieber's recent headline-grabbing antics worries his mom, Pattie Mallette, but she's keeping a respectful distance now that he's an adult. Even dogs can smell trouble on Justin Bieber! The notorious bad boy and his crew were targeted by a drug-sniffing police dog after jetting into Ft. Lauerdale International Airport on Friday to hang with Jay Z and Kevin Hart. Fortunately for him, while Justin greeted his mob of Florida fans, the pup came up empty-pawed.
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