Music Twitter Beefs: Katy Perry v. C

Music Twitter Beefs: Katy Perry v. Chief Keef
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Katy Perry v. Chief Keef
She's the quirky pop princess of the top-40, and he's a 18-year-old rapper who's been in and out of the studio with names like 50 Cent, Wiz Khalifa, and Rick Ross (as well as in and out of juvenile detention). They're from two different musical worlds, so it's no wonder they didn't see eye to eye when it came to the subject matter of one of Keef's recent hits, "Hate Bein' Sober."

When Perry came across Keef's raunchy track, she was less than impressed to say the least. She took to Twitter (@katyperry) to let followers hear her roar, stating: "Just heard a song on the radio called 'I hate being sober' and now I have serious doubt for the world." By no means was Keef, prepared to take her comment lying down. His comeback? "I'll smack the s--- out of her," he tweeted among other unprintable remarks. Immediately afterward, Perry chose to bury the hatchet with the formal reply: "Mr. Keef! I'm sorry if I offended you. I heard a lot of people guesting on the song & I didn't even know it was you in particular. Actually..." Keef accepted her apology and issued one of his own, responding: "Oh Im Sorry Too Then."
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