Oprah's Switzerland apology -- somethi

Oprah's Switzerland apology -- something stinks
Oprah's backing down from her claim about racism during her shopping trip in Switzerland -- but we can't figure out why! Did the big O tell a big fat lie about what really happened over there? We know Britney Spears loves a good printed t-shirt, but was the mega-pop sensation graphically enlighted during a recent retail therapy session?! The Oh La La singer was spotted rocking a "Spiritual Gangsta" tee while shopping in Bev Hills, Monday! Praise to the gods of fashion! We're glad to see Brit-Brit can [...] Pop star Britney Spears spent $6.8 million of her fortune last year, running up huge tabs at a range of fast food restaurants and blowing $3,400 on Christmas lights for her home. The singer spent almost $40,000 on clothes, hair and make-up, including $500 on a manicure
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