Robin Thicke sues to protect 'Blurred Lines' from Gaye

Robin Thicke sues to protect 'Blurred Lines' from Gaye's family
Collaborators Robin Thicke, Pharrell Williams and T.I. have launched legal action against Marvin Gayes?s family after the Motown star?s relatives accused the trio of copying his work on their summer smash hit ?Blurred Lines.? Katie Couric may have fired the first shot, asking why the Kardashians are even famous. But Kim Kardashian struck back when she revealed some two-faced action with a photo of a lovely baby gift Katie had sent her just a couple months earlier, along with a note "humbly suggesting" a baby name. Hot damn, we hope we look as good as Madonna at 55! The queen of pop is celebrating a milestone birthday today and her madgesty is still looking as young as a virgin. Guess such fabulosity doesn't age! LOLz!!!! Here's to 55 more years of werkin' it!
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