'X-Men' looks under the hood of the

'X-Men' looks under the hood of the Sentinels
The latest tease for next year's "X-Men" movie is a peek at the inner-workings of the killer robots from "Days of Future Past." Ashton Kutcher's biopic about late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs hits theaters, just as "Lee Daniels' The Butler" debuts, but the "Two and a Half Men" star doesn't feel any sense of competition with Oprah Winfrey's new project. Ashton said he thinks both movies have stories to tell moviegoers. "I hope that people care about the movie and the message of the movie and the art." Sir Elton John is recovering from his recent surgery on a sun-soaked break in the south of France.The singer axed all his summer shows after he fell sick with appendicitis last month, and he underwent an operation to treat the condition in Monaco on August 1st.
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