Best of 2013

  • Kelly Clarkson Defends Cover of Tokio Hotel Song

    Kelly Clarkson is having an amazing year. She’s happily married; a new mom to daughter River Rose; and her seventh album, Piece by Piece, is dropping March 3. Unfortunately, some people in social media are trying to rain on her parade: Earlier this week, Clarkson released the song “Run Run Run” off…

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  • Norwich Information Security MS

    Online, accredited, top ranked. NSA Center of Academic Excellence. Recognized by the Department of Homeland Security. Download your free brochure!

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  • Big Head Todd & the Monsters Rock on With or Without Albums

    Last year, Big Head Todd & the Monsters released their 14th album, Black Beehive. The album, named for the title track inspired by the late Amy Winehouse, received a four-star rating from the All Music Guide, the band's highest since their 1993 breakthrough album Sister Sweetly. Unfortunately for…

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  • Steve Aoki Mixes Intellect and Fun on New Tour

    "I don't want to go into this intellectual realm where it goes right over people's heads. So I've got to keep that fun element there. So I'm mixing in the cake still, but I'm not doing it as much."

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  • U2's Iconic Joshua Tree Vandalized

    U2 fans around the world are shaking their heads today after it was reported that the iconic Joshua tree made famous from their fifth album had been deliberately damaged.

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  • Punch Brothers on Defying Genres, Working With T Bone, and Staying Open to Unexpected Opportunities

    There are numerous bands that defy easy genre classification, choosing instead to draw on several different genres and styles to define their own unique sound. One such band is Punch Brothers. Drawing on elements of bluegrass, jazz, classical, pop and roots music, the Brooklyn-based five-piece is…

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  • Rihanna AWOL From BRIT Awards; Kanye Saves the Day

    Wednesday marks the 2015 BRIT Awards, and it wouldn’t be an awards show if Kanye West wasn’t involved in some sort of controversy. But this time it seems that Yeezy is saving the day!

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  • Jessie's Girl: Then and Now, Still a Classic!

    Rick Springfield is a man of many artistic hats, having achieved pop culture fame as both an ‘80s hitmaker and a soap opera star (as well as accomplished actor in other theatrical and film projects). However, no matter how many notches he has raked up on his resume, the ultimate Springfield…

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  • Weird Science: Steve Aoki Talks Throwing Cakes, Interviewing Visionaries, and Ties to Benihana

    On the surface, Steve Aoki has been pegged the longhaired, wild and crazy EDM DJ/producer who throws cakes into the audience during his concerts. There's some truth to these accounts, but they only reflect the more lighthearted aspect of his personality.

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  • Shonda Rhimes Thinks Gaga's 'Sound of Music' Was 'Scandal-ous'

    There was no shortage of incredible moments at the 87th annual Academy Awards Sunday night. But the winner for most social media love was of course, the mother monster herself, Lady Gaga.

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  • Gavin Rossdale Dishes on New Bush Album and a Milestone 20th Anniversary

    "How exciting it is to be able to still be getting to make music, because it's a slippery slope even to get going, let alone to have a career," Rossdale notes. "We're blown away by that. The 20 years is a real surprise, because no one ever feels you'll be aware of that amount of time in your life.…

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  • One, Two, Three and to the Four: Watch Out Dr. Dre, AARP is at the Door

    Happy 50th birthday to Dr. Dre! Apparently it wasn’t enough for the straight-outta-Compton rapper to top the Forbes highest-paid musicians list recently, or simply just be recognized as one of the most influential players in the rap game. This week he did what all the cool kids in music are doing.…

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  • Greensky Bluegrass Indoctrinates a New Bluegrass Generation

    Some might say that Greensky Bluegrass is a bluegrass band for those who don't typically like the genre (and for those that do, too). The five-piece band, based in the unlikely locale of Kalamazoo, Mich., prides its on breaking rules and forging its own path.

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  • Foo Fighters Forced to Cancel Charity Concert Due to Serious Accident

    Foo Fighters fans in New Zealand were disappointed Thursday when the band was unable to perform at a charity fundraising concert in Auckland. The Frontier Touring Company shared the news late Wednesday night in a post on Facebook, explaining “A truck carrying essential band equipment was involved…

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  • 7 Actually Great Singles By 'RuPaul's Drag Race' Contestants

    Here's your party playlist for the 'RuPaul's Drag Race' Yahoo Live stream on Thursday, Feb. 19, composed entirely of actually decent singles by actually musically talented 'Drag Race' alumni.

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  • Datsik Mixes It Up With Hip-Hop Greats & Lana Del Rey Remix

    The Canadian DJ known as Datsik may be best known for dubstep, but lately the artists born Troy Beetles has been taking it old school by going back to one of his first musical loves -- hip-hop.

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  • Pharrell Williams Gets Literary With Children's Book Plans

    Pharrell Williams certainly wears many hats. Singer, songwriter, producer, fashion designer...and now, he can soon add "children’s book author" to the list. On Tuesday, the world learned that Pharrell has signed an agreement to release four picture books, the first of which will be inspired by his…

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  • Yahoo Live Week 19 Highlights: I Know This Much is True

    The nightly Yahoo Live concert series has never gotten “Smooth”-er or “True”-er than when bringing Santana and Spandau Ballet concerts to your computer or smartphone screen in real time.