Celeb News Pop: The Career Evolution Of Katy Perry

by Wochit 1:14 mins

Everybody knows and loves Katy Perry as an outlandish fashion icon and pop sensation, but where did she get her start? Known for her candy-themed stage shows and catchy songs, Katy has become a pop institution ? but who knew that Katy's real name is actually Katy Hudson and that her first single wasn't "I Kissed a Girl," but the similar sounding "Ur So Gay"? And that even though some of her songs like to push boundaries, she grew up in an ultra conservative household with both of her parents being pastors who refused to let her listen to any rock or popular music? Just days after Katy Perry announced her fourth studio album, news of the breakout single for her upcoming record, Prism, has surfaced. According to a press release posted on music forum Pop Justice, the song ? titled "Roar" ? will be released on the radio August 9 with its iTunes sales date slated for August 13. Justin Bieber just dodged a bullet. The L.A. County District Attorney rejected a case in which a paparazzo accused him of hit and run.

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