Demi Lovato News Pop: Demi Lovato Puts Father to Rest: "Hardest Thing I've Ever Done"

by Wochit 0:58 mins

Demi Lovato has found peace in the wake of her father's death. The X Factor judge hit Twitter to let fans know how she felt following her father's funeral. "Today I put my Daddy to rest....hardest thing I've ever done.. But I know great things will come of this," Demi wrote. Demi Lovato might have hit a rough patch a couple years ago, but few people have ever bounced back so much stronger! And now it's all up from here because she's not only setting the music industry on fire with her new album, but she's also speaking out and being heard. Demi says she's trying to not only empower herself but also so many other young girls. "Guys can be scandalous and not get any crap for it. In my song [Something We?re Not], I?m saying, 'girls, have your fun?don?t let anyone let you feel bad about your actions. Ever.'" Demi Lovato has just released a behind the scenes look into the filming of her official Made In The USA music video. And it turns out, Demi is debuting as co-director.

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