Entertainment News Pop: Listen: Lady Gaga's 'Posh Life' Demo For TLC

by Wochit 1:28 mins

Lady Gaga isn't chasing any waterfalls with this whole songwriting business. Just a day after TLC announced that the "Born This Way" crooner will be penning new material for their greatest hits album, one of her new songs for the R&B girl group has been leaked on the internet. Titled "Posh Life," the upbeat track basically screams the 90s with self-empowering lyrics that'll look nicely next to "Unpretty." track. Carolina Herrera helped Cate Blanchett get in character for her role as the well-dressed wife in Woody Allen?s new flick ?Blue Jasmine? The Oscar winning actress wears a one-shoulder tomato red and cafe double-face duchess silk satin gown in a pivotal scene of the movie. The bespectacled director must have really liked how the frock conveyed ?Jasmine?s? Park Avenue lifestyle before her husband?s financial ruin ? since he used a clip of it in the trailer for the film. And Herrera of course is said to be a big fan of Allen?s body of work. Lady Gaga?who is scheduled to perform the first unnamed single from her third studio album ARTPOP at the MTV Video Music Awards next month?recently got her nose pierced, and her makeup artist Tara Savelo posted a YouTube video of the process for all of the singer's Little Monsters to enjoy.

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